Reader Reviews

“Downloaded my copy and have already done some speed reading – it’s a great book describing the process from start to finish. I love how the book starts with the why behind the search. That’s an important question.”

“Very informative and sensitive to so many things.  I especially appreciated how tactfully written the high ROH chapter was (high ROH=when birth parents are related to each other). It’s a sensitive topic but was very tactfully done. I was very impressed!”

– Ashley

“Good book for anyone who wants to build their family tree, even if they are not adopted. I will use it as the text for my beginner genetic genealogy class this fall.”

– Elizabeth

“This is a great book for someone just starting to search for an unknown parent/child/relative. It is written from the perspective of genetic counselors and includes emotional support as well as technical support advice. There is a comprehensive list of additional learning resources included at the end of the book.

If you are an advanced genetic genealogist looking for the latest analytical tools, you may experience the frustration of the earlier reviewer. Instead of buying this book for yourself, give it to a friend who is just beginning to search. It will be a very helpful resource.”

– David